brought to you by [NEBRA community]( All the videos from Proof Singularity Denver are uploaded to NEBRA's [Youtube Account]( ------------------------------------------------ *In Satoshi we trust.* [ page]( For who are attending the event, please follow the [[How to use Zupass during Proof Singularity Denver?]] instructions to set up Zupass (The same technology used in Zuzalu, Devconnect, it only takes 5 mins. ) ![[Grey Blue Modern Abstract Technology Event Video Instagram Post (2).jpg]] ## TL;DR: Blockchain protocols and applications are increasingly proof-based, there could be many kinds of proofs: - Mathematical proofs (e.g., cryptographic proofs such as zero-knowledge proofs) - Incentive-based proofs (such as Interactive Fraud Proofs used in Optimistic Rollups and Programmable Trust building through restaking primitives like EigenLayer/Babylon). In this Proof Singularity event in Denver on March 01 (register through this [page](, **we will be discussing how to bring a better proof based future to blockchains, the topics include (but not limited to):** - Bringing zero-knowledge proofs to the masses using proof aggregation/programmable trust - Exploring the trade-offs between programmable cryptography and programmable trust - Reducing fragmentation in blockchains, especially Ethereum L2s **What's "Proof Singularity"?** - It is a concept of aggregating multiple proofs into a single one, potentially even creating structures where proofs themselves are proofs of other proofs. Watch more [here]( - The vision of scalability and efficiency in the network echos with NEBRA. Thus we use this term to kick off the conversation **What we expect from you:** - Bring your own laptop - Pose valuable insights and questions regarding the debate between Programmable Crypto v.s. Programmable Trust - ​Share your painpoints and aspirations on zero-knowledge accessibility, adoption, cost, and scaling - Be contributive, agile, and open-minded; help to shape this fluid agenda ## Agenda: **Date:** March 01, 2024 **Time:** 1:30 PM - 6PM local time **Register:** [Luma Page]( **Format:** curated talks, followed with a debate **Ticketing:** We use Zupass for ticketing. Please check [[How to use Zupass during Proof Singularity Denver?]] **Note:** *The venue opens at 1:15pm. The agenda may be subject to change. Please check back for the latest schedule. If you would like to have a speaker and or panelist (or join the debate!) to address a specific question on each topic, please contact Shumo (TG @xstec).* **Previous [[Proof Singularity Event]]: [Youtube Channel](** - **1:30 - 2:20 PM, *NEBRA/Proof Singularity Overview* (50 min)** - NEBRA: the shared settlement layer for the future internet (15 min): Shumo presents an overview of NEBRA's mission and its UPA, emphasizing the concept of universality in shaping the future blockchain. [Watch Video]( - ZONE 5: building a ZKP app On NEBRA in 5 minutes - Vincent Liew (30 min): Vincent Liew, a founding engineer at NEBRA, demonstrates how to utilize NEBRA's testnet to integrate a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) app contract. The session includes a real-time test to showcase potential savings on gas fees using NEBRA's UPA. [Watch Video]( - **2:30 - 4:40 PM, *Cases for Programmable Trust* (~1 hr)** - Babylon - [David Tse]( (2:30 - 2:48 PM, 15 min talk + 3 min QA): David Tse explores the current landscape of Bitcoin and introduces Babylon's approach to enhancing Bitcoin restaking. [Watch Video]( - Altlayer: Restaked Rollup, [YQ]() (2:48 - 3:06 PM, 15 min talk + 3 min QA): YQ provides an expansive view on the future of rollups, predicting the emergence of 1000 rollups by year's end, and discusses Altlayer's contribution to this rapidly evolving ecosystem. [Watch Video]( - 3:24 - 3:29 PM, 5 mins break - **3:29 - 4:41 PM *Cases for Programmable Cryptography* (~1 hr)** - ZuPass - [Richard Liu]( (3:29 - 3:47 PM, 15 min talk + 3 min QA): Richard Liu gives an introduction to ZuPass and the concept of Proof Carrying Data (PCD), alongside insights into the cryptocurrency industry's fascination with a particularly cute frog. [Watch Video]( - Worldcoin - [DC Builder]() (3:47 - 4:05PM, 15 min talk + 3 min QA): DC Builder presents an overview of Worldcoin, delving into the Worldcoin whitepaper to explain its foundational principles and goals. [Watch Video]( - Brevis - [Junda Liu]() (4:05 - 4:23 PM, min talk + 3 min QA): Junda Liu introduces the Brevis SDK, explaining how this Zero-Knowledge (ZK) coprocessor enables smart contracts to access extensive historical on-chain data. [Watch Video]( - zkEmail - [Aayush]() (4:23 - 4:41 PM, 15 min talk + 3 min QA): Aayush explores the concept of zkEmail, detailing its approach to email wallets and its contribution to data provenance. [Watch Video]( - 4:41 - 5:00 PM: 20 mins demo break - **5:00 - 6:00 PM *Heated Pannel: Programmable Crypto (ZK) v.s. Programmable Trust (Restaking)*, (45 min); moderator: [Wei Dai]( (1kx)** - People: [Zac Williamson]( (Aztec Co-founder), [Shumo Chu]() (NEBRA Founder), [Robert]( (Polkadot Co-founder), [0xMuto]( (Ethos Co-founder) - Q1: What are the use cases for programmable crypto? - Q2: What are the use cases for programmable trust? - Q3: In cases where both can be utilized, what are the trade-offs? - Q4: Can we achieve proof singularity? If so, what does proof singularity entail? [Watch the debate](